2016/07 - Design for Literatur Vorarlberg

               "Literatur Lounge"


               influence and relevance of "Graphic Novels"

               in literatur - lecture and discussion

                 Prof. Dr. Dieter Wrobel  (Universität Würzburg),

               Sebastian Broskwa, PICTOPIA COMICS, Wien

               Christoph Abbrederis


               at the JEWISH MUSEUM, Hohenems

                september, 29th, 2016

                http://www.literatur-vorarlberg netzwerk.at/netzwerkprojekte/literatur-lounge.html





 2016/05 - spots for The New Yorker - sep. 302016



               more images


               more images from "THE NEW YORKER"



 2016/08 - illustrations for Waldmagazin


               ...this is something radical different




               more images from "WALDMAGAZIN"





    2016/05 - unfortunately not

                   (I am NOT on holidays)

                    ...spend my time on some project

                    that might work out


                    or not






2016/02 - "Das Tägliche Scheitern"

               exhibition - installation

               Montforthaus - ZWISCHENTÖNE     






2015/11 - STRAPAZIN #113

               Comic - "Inseltage"

               march 2016


               the whole strip






 2015/02 - spots for a completely unknown and

                 unimportant gazette




                 more spots




2015/11 - postcard 

               "My Generation"

               Firma Zimmermann



               more POSTCARDS for "Zimmermann"


 2015/07 - illustration for MIT Technology Review -

                july, august 2015

               "Phablet Revolution"


               full page





 2015/06 - illustration for SCHAULUST -

                september 2015

               "circus-theater-music festival"


               full page




 2015/03 - exhibition / sketches, originals and studies from 

               "OSCAR - a strange bird" Children Book

               OK Linz, Austria



               more images




booklet - 262 pages, b/w

€ 25,-

2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 also available




2015/02 - poster 

               "Austrian Children Book Award 2015"

               Österreichisches Bundeskanzleramt



               full size

               "Making of"




2014/11 - TAZ, die tageszeitung - november, 29. 30



               full page


               more images


                                                                  more images from "TAZ"





 2014/09 - illustration for a play by Michael Niavarani

               based on Shakespears "Richard III"


               full page


               official page of "Richard III" 

2014/09 - spot for Steven Heller - "The Daily Heller" 





Through Me You Go To Everlasting Pain

"Several famous illustrators interpret a phrase from Dante’s Hell with a few interesting drawings."



 2014/05 - calendar for Haus der Barmherzigkeit


               Nitsche Werbung - Wien , june 2014


              more images







2014/05 - posters for Haus der Barmherzigkeit


               Nitsche Werbung - Wien , may 2014






2014/02 - "OSCAR" - children book

               published by "luftschacht Verlag", Vienna

               march 2014



               ALL THE IMAGES


Es ist Frühling und die Vögel freuen sich über ihren Nachwuchs. Doch die Eltern von Oscar sind verzweifelt – ihren Sohn hatten sie sich ganz anders vorgestellt! Er sieht ih­nen so gar nicht ähnlich, seine Flugversuche scheitern und singen kann er auch nicht. Alle sind ratlos. Bis On­kel Edgar wieder da ist, der viel in der Welt herumkommt. Denn der erkennt, was es mit Oscar auf sich hat … und zum Glück weiß er auch gleich, was zu tun ist.


Eine verschmitzte, farbenprächtig illustrierte Geschichte über die Schwierigkeit, seinen Platz im Leben zu finden – und darüber, wie schön es ist, mit allen Eigenheiten ge­mocht zu werden, genau so, wie man ist.


Spring has arrived and the birds are delighted with their new offspring. But Oscar's parents are in despair - they had imagined their son rather differently! He doesn't really look like them, his attempts at flying all come to nothing and he can't sing either. No one knows what to do. Until the return of Uncle Edgar, who gets about a lot in the world. Because he sees straight away what's wrong with Oscar ... and luckily he also knows what to do.


A mischievous, richly illustrated story about how hard it is to find your place in life - and about how nice it is to be liked, quirks and all, just the way you are.



2014/01 - illustrations for AUTOREVUE

              "Taxirevue", january 2014


               more images





2013/08 - illustrations for CICERO


               Magazin für politische Kultur, september 2013


               more images


               more images from "CICERO"





2013/07 - STRAPAZIN #112

               "Fernsehserien" (TV serials)

               july 2013


               cover & comic strip - "Der Kommisar"


               the strip


               Book Cover






2013/05 - illustrations for MAXIMA

              "Über den Wolken"

               june 2013


               more images










2013/02 - "Die 50 grössten Diät-Lügen"

               KRENN Verlag


               some of 103 illustrations



               more BOOK ILLUSTRATIONS





2013/02 - advertising - Gruppe Gut, Bozen

              "Indienausstellung" - Schallaburg




               more images






2012/09 - Poster "integration"


               more images




2011/10 - advertising - Jung von Matt, Zürich

              "Wenn das Prinzässli keins mehr ist"




               more images




2010/12 - "Alexandras orange*ingwer"

               label for hand made marmalade

Graphic: Inside The Sketchbooks Of The World's Great Graphic Designers

by Steven Heller and Lita Talarico


In this new book from one of the great authorities on graphic design, some 100 of the worlds leading graphic designers open up their private sketchbooks, giving the reader an unparalleled insight into their creative development, design philosophies and visual influences. Samples range from typographical explorations to fully fledged illustration ideas, from scrappy scribbles and eccentric handwriting to photographic collages. Contributors include such world-recognized names as Stefan Sagmeister, Christoph Niemann, Sara Fanelli, Christoph Abbrederis, Shogo Ota, Art Spiegelman, Uwe Loesch, Milton Glaser, Michael Bierut, Bruce Mau, Francois Chastanet and Jordi Duro. "Graphic" is a treasure trove of design inspiration for professionals, students or anyone engaged in the visual industries.

available at AMAZON in English, French and Italian