The Shakespeare Wars
The Shakespeare Wars

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"Christoph Abbrederis - Illustrations for The New York Times / Book Review 1997 - 2006"

320 pages, 170 colour & black/white illustrations






"Christoph Abbrederis - Illustrations for The New York Times  1990 - 1992"

320 pages, colour & black/white




Catalogue for an exhibition at the "Austrian Cultural Institute", New York




"Few artists wield the pen with as much authority as Christoph Abbrederis. Yet his drawings are not stiff or lifeless. Abbrederis is one of a new breed of illustrators who draws inspiration from American and European comics and combines its fluid gestures and mannerisms with a macabre sensibility; he is disturbingly witty and acutely ironic.


In the New York Times Book Review, where his work frequently appears, he walks the fine line between illustration and illumination. While he solves the requisite problems, he provides a counterpoint that sheds light on the text. His images are refreshingly original and delightfully bizarre. And what a great imagination, too!"


preface: Steven Heller, senior art director,  The New York Times